Ports and Piers of the Future

Our Firm IDEA is part of the Global Cruise Industry and attend the SeaTrade Global Cruse Conference each year. We are fortunate to be asked to speak or present concepts and approaches that assist the growth of the industry. This year we were selected to appear as part of a Shark Tank Presentation to present our Concept to the panel of Cruise Line Executives and Investors. Our concept is known as OceanLiner™ Ship to shore presented as a new innovative approach to cruise port development. Over the past 50 years most cruise ports were created from older commercial ports and piers. However cruse Ships are now Luxury Liners and look out of place calling on old piers and ports with Tank Farms, Cargo Boxes and Cranes. Our approach is to build resort ports that showcase the ships in a resort environment and not part of a commercial complex.

Our approach also moves to be more sensitive to the local destination environment and allow the pier to be in deep water not requiring dredging as a part of the development. OceanLiner then features a passenger delivery system by Gondola which creates an exciting sense of arrival to shore. The innovations include a floating Pier Complex that include a pool club, night club and marina as part of the floating island complex. We see the future for such ports creating a new platform for cruse destinations in exotic destinations like The Maldives and the Greek Islands, both already requesting more information from our team. I am looking forward to great senses of arrival in great Resort Ports of the future.

IDEA Meeting with DR Minister of Tourism Mr. Collado in Miami during SeaTrade introducing the OceanLiner™