Process Delays


Today I heard a news report that summarizes in so many ways how the delays in the development process for project approvals have gone so wrong.  In the Development of Ports and Destinations we are always challenged by a variety of redundant and un-necessary approval processes that must be conducted.  Some studies are very appropriate and others just for the sake of another study.  We have one project now that has taken 10 years to approve although it clearly fell within the owners rights to be developed.  The delays have cost the local economy millions in new revenue.

But todays news was about the North Korean Situation and how South Korea was responding.  The news reported that South Korea was delaying the installation of the US THAD Missile Defense System awaiting an environmental study being complete.  I had to think how that requirement was somehow so ridiculous.  “What environmental impact could be more destructive than a nuclear blast!”

I trust the study will conclude that whatever the impact of the systems installation the people of South Korea will see that impact as less of a threat that a nuclear attack.  You think!