Shaken not Stirred

This year 2020 has brought everyone in the world a great deal of challenges. Although we all remain confident in the promise of the future our view of the world has been shaken and our emotions stirred beyond our expectations. It was the news of the passing of Sean Connery this week that brought a lot of emotions to the surface. The Bond Character created by Ian Fleming but made real by Sean Connery sets the foundation to a life of inspired good verses evil. Not many things in our daily lives so quickly define the good verses the evil in our own life pursuits. Sean Connery as James Bond clearly sets the mission, precisely told the story and enjoyed the pursuit of its goals. I like the confidence the character built in the mission to save the world against any enemy known or unknown. The quote of Bond’s favorite drink “Shaken not Stirred” not only represents his approach to life and mission at hand but for the viewer a confidence in life ambition.

I had the opportunity to see Mr. Connery outside Nassau Bahamas at a small resort I enjoyed known as Compass Point. He would come in to have a breakfast or lunch from his nearby home in Lyford’s Cay. I have known many celebrities through our my life’s and many have become friends. Yet when I saw Sir Sean Connery enter the room everyone took immediate notice but unexpectedly no one approached him. He had such a command of the room even at later years in his life that just demanded a silent respect. I never approached him or said hello but feel like I know him. I was so appreciative of what he contributed to the world as I know it. He was truly a man with a mission and what an impression he made.

I have spent some time at Chris Blackwell’s Golden Eye the home of Ian Fleming in Jamaica where he wrote the James Bond Novels and have felt the presence of Sean Connery many times as I walk the beach and play the Bond Theme in my head as I feel like James. In this time of reflection I feel Shaken not Stirred to press on in a mission to defeat the evil in the world.

Rest in Peace, Sir Sean Connery never again shaken and never stirred!