The Caribbean Journey

Developing a project in the Caribbean is by all means difficult.  I don’t mean just difficult but really difficult.  Creating an authentic destination even adds more complexity and makes every aspect of the project more time consuming and painstakingly slow.

Once you found the right location you must envision it to make sure all the bases are covered.  It must be a technically sound location and can accommodate the project being planned, it must politically aligned and it must meet the needs of the consumer or industry in which it will serve.

Great sites are actually easy and can be found as easy as driving around on google.   The politically correct criteria is where things get difficult.  In the Caribbean which is our region of choice for development it comes with a lot of baggage.  As Captain Jack Sparrow was quoted “Pirate” when answering a question about his truthfulness.  I have encountered my share of Pirates in the Caribbean and even after working on the re-hab of the original ride at Disneyland in 1985 still can’t seen to recognize the good ones from the bad.   Everyone must agree that for the Caribbean to survive you must have Pirates it just in the blood of the islanders.  So when you embark on a project in the Caribbean be mindful that you will deal with your share of pirates.  The final criteria is if it meets the consumers expectations?  In today’s Tour and Travel industry guest have a lot of options.  Your project must meet the needs of the travelers not those of the developer or government in which the project is realized.

Sail on ye hardy yo ho!

Haiti Map

Historic map of Haiti and Tortuga along the north coast