Peaceful Easy Feeling

It is with very great sadness that I write tonight about the passing of a close friend I never actually met.  Growing up in South Georgia I was exposed at a young age to the musical world that was to be Southern Rock!  When living in Statesboro Georgia I occasionaly worked for Cellar Door Productions as a roadie helping set lights and rigging stages as bands passed through Southern Cities like Savannah, Macon and Augusta.  I worked a show in Savannah for Linda Ronstadt, I think it was in July 1973.  After we set the show I took a seat in the front row to listen to the sound checks as the bands came on stage.    As I sat a man came over and took a seat next to me and introduced himself “hi I’m Kris” and I realized it was Kris Kristofferson having just seen him in a Star is born he was easy to recognize. Little did I know that it was to be the first of many chance celebrity introductions in my life; but one I will always remember.  As I was adjusting to meeting him a band came on stage lead by Glenn Frye with Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner, Linda’s back up band.   They started playing and I have been hooked on their music for over 43 years.  The music icon Glenn Frye passed away today at the age of 67, and I know he is in heaven tonight with a “peaceful easy feeling” as a generation of music lovers mourn his passing.  What an inspiration he and the Eagles have been and what a legacy of music they leave behind for all of us to enjoy.

Rest in a Peaceful Easy Feeling my friend!

glenn frey