Summer of Change



The Negril Lighthouse

As summer begins we are changing our IDEA approach to inspire others.  As a consultant you can inspire others to dream but can not insure they realize the potential of their projects.  We have seen a lack of execution on so many of our recent concepts and now see an opportunity to participate in projects as an equity partner to insure the projects are fully realized.  Look for our new innovations to the cruise industry, private islands and resorts which will inspire our guests and generate new opportunities for revenue growth.

Inspired innovation requires a knowledagable client and one who’s own personal interests don’t out weight that of the project itself.  You can always build a project cheeper but never ever realize its true potential.  Too many people are satisfied with “good” and don’t seek “Great”. Great takes a lot of work and requires the principles to make decisions with some level of risk.  Employees working as mid level executives find that protecting their jobs is much more important than innovation or advanced thinking that may lead to improved revenue growth.  The larger the organization the less innovation as job security takes priority over performance.

Think Big and in this Summer of Change take a risk, push the envelope and add value to everything you do!